Our Family, Executives & Associates at RELOC Pro, are here to help yours.

Relocating is often one of the most stressful factors, in this move and new beginnings, our commitment is to guarantee that your transition, be it personal or corporate, is a smooth one.

At RELOC Pro, we take pride in getting to know each client, becoming their friends and discovering the little things that will make a difference in each relocation experience, helping to make the destination feel like home, that much sooner.

Our more than 15 years as Professionals of Real Estate and Relocation, will assure you a service of excellence.

We too, have been through the experience of moving not only from Chile to Miami in the USA but also to three different cities in the country and throughout Europe. It was not easy to acclimate to a new place every time.

We wish we would of had someone who was there to hold our hands and take us through the process of establishing and integrating much faster, which is why, not only, are we Real Estate Broker and Associate knowledgeable specialists, but for years have offered Relocation Services for helping the expatriate and their families overcome the experience an navigate the challenges of moving, getting settled into a new community and also assisting with their departure.

We will be happy to help you!