Typically we recommend a 4-5* day program for a family with children, 3-4 for individuals, but there is total flexibility in choosing what suits you the best.

* day = 8 hours


Is a tailored service focused on touring around neighborhoods, providing information on transportation, schools, medical services, sports and cultural activities, markets, shopping and leisure facilities, safety and security of each one of these areas.


For over a decade we have provided advise and helped expat families and individuals find new homes keeping in mind the needs and requests of  each one of them : We can recommend suitable neighborhoods, give advise on budget , negotiate the rental contract, manage your application with associations, walkthrough with inventory, backup photos and delivery of property. Pet Friendly, we welcome and will help you with your loving pets.


We help you choose and apply to the right school for your children and accompany your family to each school visit. We understand that, for a family with children, choosing the right school is the cornerstone of a successful relocation. Once a school is chosen, we can be a valuable advocate for you, providing ongoing support through the application and admission process. Knowing that the children have a school that suits their interests and ambitions frees you to focus on the next steps in a successful relocation.


Allow us to offer our services to settle in more quickly and efficiently so you can focus on what matters the most – your family and your job: RELOC Pro will provide assistance with utilities connection (gas, water, electricity), internet & cable hook ups, mobile, bank account opening, automobile purchase , selection of rental or the purchase of furniture, driver´s license, insurance, identification of medical providers, assist in visa, social security registration and immigration. Introduction to expatriate support groups, to other clubs and associations. Assistance with securing domestic services (gardener, house cleaner, etc.)


Once an assignment is completed, the first step in a move home, or to a new assignment, is a smooth and easy departure. We help in preparing for and conducting the property check-out and helping to insure the return of the security deposit as well as other matters critical to a successful departure: assist with lease termination, coordination of move-out inspection for support, negotiations issues, return of security deposit, assistance with disconnection of utilities, telephone services, cable service.